Big Brown Bats

These Big Brown Bats were released after one recovered from an ankle injury and the other from wing abrasions

Eastern Blue Bird

This bird was released after recovering in our songbird aviary

Cottontail Rabbits

Recently released bunnies couldn't resist a bite to eat before hopping off into the woods.

Success Stories


Two injured juvenile first year bald eagles were admitted in August 2016 - one from Gary, Ind. and the other from Prophetstown State Park in Central Indiana. On Oct. 21, the bald eagle from Prophetstown State Park was released back home near her nesting site along the Wabash and Tippecanoe River. The bald eagle from Gary was unable to be released due to injuries that prevented him from surviving in the wild. He was recently placed into a santuary.


(Above photo) Bald Eagle release on Oct. 21 in Prophetstown State Park.


The Moraine Ridge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was founded in 1997 by a group of wildlife rehabilitators and enthusiasts. Their primary mission then and now is to rescue, rehabilitate and return orphaned and injured wildlife to the wild. A second parallel and equally essential part of the mission is to provide educational opportunities for the community that promotes informed and humane interaction with native wildlife. Read More...

Hours of operation: Monday - Sunday | 8am-6pm

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